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A simple tutorial that will teach you how to Pin your content on Pinterest.

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Learn how to leverage Pinterest to drive more organic traffic to each blog post you write.

Would you like to have more organic traffic show up on each and every blog post that you write?

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want more traffic to each blog post?

Welcome A-listers to another episode of Just the Tip, where I am going to give you one tip that is going to help you in your business. Today, we are talking about Pinterest and how this network can help you get more reach with everything that you create in your business.

Most people think of Pinterest as a social network where they can find DIY crafts and recipes and of course, you can find those there. What you may not realize is that Pinterest is actually a visual search engine. There’s actually a whole world of information beyond recipes and DIY’s that reside on Pinterest.

I want you to start putting your own content on there as well.

I guarantee that it’s not as difficult as you might think.

I understand that you’re not tech savvy and it might seem like another thing that you have to do each and every week. It doesn’t take that long and it lives on there forever and can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic that is going to your website. This doesn’t replace SEOing each blog post, it will help compliment those efforts and it doesn’t take that long. This is really about pinning content that your ideal customer is searching for, so that it’s there and turns up in those search results when they are looking for it.

I’m going to show you how to get your blog post or any content that has a URL on Pinterest.

1. Have the URL handy

The first thing that you want to do is you want to have that particular item pulled up with the URL available so that you can copy and paste that.

URL to Pinterest

2. Copy the URL

We’re going to go up to edit and we’re going to hit copy. Now we have the URL copied.

3. Go to Pinterest to Begin to Pin the Post

We’re going to come over to Pinterest and we’re going to add this content here. Now there are a couple different ways to do this. You find a way that gets you to do it. I don’t care which way it is.

Today, I’m going to show you by clicking the plus sign over here and then you can either do upload image or save from site, whichever you prefer. We’ll click save from site right now and then we’re going to paste that URL in.

Plus Sign on Pinterest

I do have a tutorial that shows you how to add this Pinterest browser button on to your computer. Click here to watch it.

Once you’ve pasted the URL here, we’re going to click next and it’s going to look for the images that are associated with that page. If you don’t see an image that you want to use, you can come back over to the plus sign and you can click upload image and you can upload an image from your computer and still paste in that URL the same way we’re doing here.

Create Pin on Pinterest

Again, there’s many different ways to do it. I want to select this image here because it’s a screen shot from the video and it also has text pretty big on here, so people will know and it will grab their attention as to what they are clicking to save. So we’re going to select this option.

4. Create a Powerful Description

Okay, now we’re going to add a little description about what this pin is and what it’s going to help them do. We want them to understand that they can get more likes and engagement from this particular pin and then we’re going to choose a board we want it saved to, this is marketing ideas, clearly it fits right underneath that board and then we’re going to click save.

Create Pin on Pinterest

Create Pin on Pinterest

And voila, now this blog post is on Pinterest.

Pinned Content on Pinterest

We can actually go see it or we could promote this pin to help get more eyes, clicks, and views to your website. Just having your content on Pinterest is going to help send more traffic over to your website because people are going to be searching for it, saving it, and sharing it and then their friends are going to see it. And let’s say that after you saved your pin, you want to go in and change some of the text, you can.

You can go in and update the description and add in hashtags that people might find helpful and then you can just click save and it will update with that.

Then the cool thing is, is that hashtags work on Pinterest just like they do anyplace else. If somebody is searching for that term, it’s going to help your pin be found. Hashtags are basically a filing drawer and how things show up when somebody’s searching through them.

Once you have everything perfect and just how you want it, if you want to pay to get more people to visit this pin, then what you want to do is you want to click on the stats button right here. It will open up your pins stats, but it will also have a button to promote your pin. Now that you have this brand new skill, be sure to pin old blog posts, new blog posts, any free content that you have, or opt-ins that maybe you want more traffic to.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of how to put your content on Pinterest to get more organic views, click throughs and leads. If you found it helpful, please be sure to share with any other friend that might find it helpful as well.

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