how-to-embed-instagram-pictures-and-videoVine used to have one up on Instagram with their ability to embed posts but I am pleased to announce that you can now embed videos and pictures from Instagram. This was released shortly after they updated their app to create video posts.

Before to embed you had to be tech-smart to MacGyver a post from Instagram onto your website. Or with the use of a plugin or 3rd party service.

And it’s uber simple! You can follow along below with the images to learn how to embed Instagram posts. Make sure you keep reading to learn 5 ways to use this feature for your business.

How to Embed Instagram Pictures and Video:

1. Navigate to your Instagram Account URL.

2. Click on the image or video you would like to embed.


3. Click the 3 dots located on the lower right-hand corner of the new screen that pops up.


4. An option screen will open up, click Embed.


5. Click the Copy Embed Code button.


6. Navigate to the page you want to embed the code on. { If using WordPress, make sure you have the Text tab selected. } Paste in your code where you want the image to show up at. Save your page.


And Voila!


Here are a few ways that you can use Instagram embedded post for your business.

1. Blog post – Use your photos or videos from Instagram in your blog posts.

2. Share customer experiences – Use others Instagram posts { with their permission of course } to show a customers experience with your brand or product.

3. Entries from a contest – Embed entries from a contest onto your website or Facebook page for others to like and comment to create more buzz.

4. Live Event Photos & Videos – Hosting a live event? Make sure that everyone uses a specific #hashtag that you can then search for to embed their pictures and videos from your event.

5. Product Demo – Using Instagram video to demo a product is easy and quick. Embed the video onto your salespage to show potential buyers how awesome your product is.

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