Social Proof from testimonials is what helps your potential clients make their buying decision. They want to know the results that past customers have received from your services or products.

Make sure your testimonials and love on your website is updated! Learn how to gather testimonials that don’t suck. Fill your site with testimonials that make your client’s want to buy NOW!

Who to ask?

Review who you worked with in the past, who is currently on your roster, who attended workshops you taught or online webinars, and who purchased a product from you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for them.

People are not likely to give you one without you asking for it. Start with people you know will pass on your greatness! Once you go through this process a few times, you can create a system to get one from every client or customer that purchases.

Questions to Ask

Once you have your list of people to reach out to, begin to write the email correspondence asking for their help. Put together an email to reach out to them to receive feedback that you can use as a testimonial.

Here are a few sample questions to use to gather feedback.

What would you say to a friend or colleague who was asking about { my services or products }?

How specifically has my { my services or products } helped your business?

Did you reach any milestones from my { my services or products }?

What was your business like before { my services or products }?

What did the changes mean for your business?

What specific feature did you like about { working with me or from the product you purchased }?

Video or Text?

If your client is someone who creates video for their own business, ask them if they will record a video testimonial answering some of the questions (or your own custom questions). Video is powerful and having a testimonial in that manner, will help your future buyers feel more connected. Makes the testimonial the real deal.

If they are not big on video, don’t push it. Chances are you will end up not getting a testimonial at all because they will put off recording it. If you receive a written testimonial, make sure to include their image with it and link to their site.

Always be sure you have their permission to publish their comments publicly as a testimonial before doing so too.

Now you are ready to gather testimonials that don’t suck!

May I Ask You For a Testimonial that Doesn’t Suck?

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