I am getting so many questions on the new Timeline changes coming out March 30th that I wanted to address them on here in case anyone else was wondering…

It’s almost like mass hysteria with the thought of Default Landing Pages “going away”.  Let me clear a few things up.

While default tab settings have already disappeared if you enabled the new Timeline, you can still have some control of where people land when visiting your page. Many don’t realize that you will still be able to send visitors to a default landing tab.

Facebook Apps

You may not realize this (especially if someone else designed your page) but your current pages was added there because of an application or app.  Every application on Facebook has its own custom URL when installed on your page.  If you want people to land on your custom tab or default tab, grab this custom URL and add it as the link that you send your click throughs to on every single Facebook link, icon and button you have out there.  The majority of your new Facebook traffic comes from an outside source so send them where you want by linking directly to the application.  The only time that people will not be able to land on your custom page is if they search your page out on Facebook or click on someone else’s tag. You cannot control this but this will probably be the minority of your traffic sources.

What About Fan Gates?

Ah yes – they ARE still possible as well.  Again, you have the custom URL of the application.  If they like your page, they will see the page for the “likers” and if they are not a fan, they will see the “fan gate” page that encourages them to “Like” your page! This is awesome for those who spent money to set it up with a designer!

Application Thumbnails

Another very cool addition is custom application thumbnails. You can create your own custom images that display on your page. Each application or page can have something different than the others.

A great display of this is on Coke’s page – see below.

You really need to give your Facebook Page/Timeline some thought. We are still working and strategizing on my page to give the best experience too.  It is not something I want to rush!

Free Geek Hint

Did you know that all posts have their own custom URL as well?  You can send people directly to a post to encourage social engagement! Whoa! How freaking fabulous is that shit?!

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