Recording high quality video doesn’t have to come from a camera that you shelled out thousands for. With technology advances, we have awesome video recorders in the palm of our hands.

Tools to Purchase

Glif for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5– A super cool and inexpensive iPhone Tripod attachment that was created from a Kickstarter campaign that I helped fund! Now sold on Amazon for $20 for your iPhone 4/4s OR iPhone 5! If you are not using an iPhone, check out this great universal smartphone option. {Which can be used on your iPhone too}

iPad / Tablet Tripod attachment – Another cool tool to help you make professional videos using your tablet or iPad! It also comes with a windshield mount for your kids to use on long car trips! Only for $22.95!

Tripod – Having a tripod is a great thing to have whether you are shooting videos or taking pictures! Most cameras have the ability to attach to a tripod and you need to have something to hook your new tripod gadgets up to!

Microphone – Recording your audio gets a little trickier than the rest of the items, you have to first purchase a splitter and a microphone. You need to have a splitter with an input built in rather than two outputs.

Lighting Kit – If you want to really kick your recording up a notch, purchase a lighting kit, this is the one that I have in my home video studio!

Cool Apps mentioned

iMovie for iPhone or iPad – Create your own trailers or clip your videos easily with iMovie on the go!

Magisto – If you’re an Android users, download this app to do your video editing after shooting your awesome footage.

Teleprompter+ for iPad – Record videos for your business? Turn your iPad into a Teleprompter. {Instructional blog post coming soon.} This cool app will help you look and sound more professional on camera.

Teleprompter for Android – We aren’t leaving you out if your Tablet or Phone runs off of the Android market! Check this cool Teleprompter app out!


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