This is not just an app with fun filters.

Facebook paid $1 Billion Dollars for Instagram so what does that tell you?

This is not just another social media tool either.

If used right, you can completely shift how you connect daily with your followers. The era of connecting has transformed again.

Instagram is a way for you to share moments with your followers, an unique way for them to feel like they are a close part of you, your daily life, and what is happening in your business.

People take pictures of everything. Everyday. When they go shopping, when they work, when they eat and when they attend events. Instagram provides an incredible resource for them to share everywhere!

Keep reading to find out exactly how to use Instagram and all of its features.

Using tags & hashtags in your Instagram posts

Did you know that Instagram integrates @tagging and hashtags in its features? When you are posting your pictures, be sure to use hashtags as you would on Twitter and tag people who are in the pictures with you.

How to “@” tag on Instagram

If you are attending an event or visiting a business that is on Instagram or Twitter, be sure to tag them by typing “@” and then their username! It is that simple!

How to Add a Hashtag to Instagram

To use a hashtag type “#” and start typing your hashtag with no spaces!

Hashtags are just as important on Instagram as they are on Twitter!

Connecting Instagram to your other Networks

Normally I discourage people from connecting all their social networks together but for Instagram, I think it is a great idea!

I have different followers on every network so this gives me the chance to reach them all!!

You can have Instagram post to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr & Foursquare. You can decide where to post each image at or share it with all at once!

Click on the Settings button at the bottom of your Instagram App.

Click on Edit sharing settings.

Click on the networks to connect them to your Instagram account.

Connect Instagram with your Facebook Profile OR Pages

Did you know that you can post pictures to your Facebook Profile OR your Facebook Pages. Now you cannot pick both, it is one or the other but you can easily switch between the two.

Click on the Settings button at the bottom of your Instagram App.

Click on Edit sharing settings.

Click on Facebook.

Select whether you want it to post to your Profile or a Page that you are admin on.

You must switch back and forth depending on where you want to publish your picture at on Facebook but all of your other social networks will remain the same once you connect them.

How to Add a Location to Your Instagrams

Did you know that you can tag your location to your pictures using Geotagging? When you upload your image, you will see the option to geotag directly under your status update.

Click on Geotagged.

A list of places near your location will appear.

Don’t see your location listed? Keep reading to learn how to add your own location! This is pretty bad-ass and can be very useful!

How to create your own Geotagged Location on Instagram

If you don’t see a place, business or even event listed near you, you can create your own!

Have a physical location for your business? Make sure to add your location so your visitors can tell their Instagram followers where they are. This is also powerful if you are hosting your own Live event because you can create the location and have attendees tag your event in their picture posts.

Click on Geotagged again. Start typing the name of your location in the search field as I did below. You will see the option to Create a custom location. Once you have typed the name exactly how you want it to appear, click the “add” option as you see below.

Be sure that you are at the physical location before creating your own location. It is tagged with your geographic location and will tag the exact spot you are at when you create it.

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