If you haven’t heard… there is a new kid on the block. The Social Block that is. And their name is Periscope.

Trust me, I snickered and resisted too. Until I saw the power behind this hot, new App.

I’ve put together the Perfect Periscope Post to help get you started! It covers all of the different areas you need to know about before going live.

I’ve struggled with finding the best place to make my social home but this Introvert is totally digging it.


The name of the game is Instant Engagement!


You want your followers to join you LIVE. You’ll get the most of the scopes and so will your viewers. Follow these tips to rock out your Scopes.

Consider Timing

Where in the world are you located versus your potential viewers. I’m located in the Eastern time zone and I work with a lot of people on Pacific time zone. It wouldn’t make sense for me to necessarily Scope at 8a in the morning because that’s 5a on the other coast, when many of my lovely creative entrepreneurs are still snoozing away!

IMG_4312Autosave Your Scopes

There is an option inside of Periscope that allows you to save your Scopes to post on your blog or Facebook page. You can turn this feature on by going to Settings in Periscope and turning Autosave Broadcasts on. I will warn you, it shoots and saves in Vertical mode. I do NOT like Vertical Video Mode. Drives me nuts. I will deal with it for this and only this app.

Give Hearts

Giving hearts is to show your love for the Scope you are watching and it’s easy enough my 2-yo niece can do it. Simply tap the screen to give a heart. 1 tap = 1 heart.

There is a limit of 500 hearts per scope. You can by-pass that limit by leaving the Scope and coming back in.

Leave Comments

Commenting can happen while someone is Scoping LIVE but not when you are watching the reply. The comments section is easy to use and I don’t think you’ll have a problem navigating it. Emojis are almost a requirement while commenting.

Scope Sharing

Watching a scope you want your friends to attend? Swipe RIGHT { taking your finger from the left side of the screen and swiping towards the right side. } and it will bring up a section to share with friends. See image below. { If on an Android, I’ve heard that you actually Swipe UP, not to the right. }

Watchers, hearts and comments help popular Scopes become featured.


Who’s Watching You?

Read the names of your watchers and say HI! Scoping is about engagement and what better way to get your viewers stoked to watch you, than saying HI to them personally.

First-time Watcher?

Ask them to leave a comment if they are a first-timer or regular watcher! These are new people who might be a fan or just interested in what you have to say. Win them over my calling them out, saying HI, and thank them for their time! They’ll swoon for you.

Read their Comments

You guessed it, if reading their names and saying HI helped them feel warm and fuzzy. Reading their comments makes them want to tap the screen 500 times. { Reading multiple comments from them might make them leave the Scope and come for another 500 taps. }

Answer their Questions

While we are on the topic of engaging your viewers, let’s talk about also helping them by answering their questions! Q&A’s on Periscope are huge with engagement. Be prepared to act and read fast as the comments on the screen only stay on there for about 5 seconds { maybe 10, but it’s FAST! } and you can’t get them back!

Don’t be afraid to Block

There are some special people that always seem to creep into your Periscope. { Probably jealous people from Meerkat. } Don’t be afraid to block them. It’s really simple. You click their name and select block.


Fun things you could do on your scopes…

  • Give away something with X amount of Viewers are LIVE!
  • Free Session or Product to the Most Hearts given on a Scope. { You wouldn’t be able to announce this live, you would see it in the stats after the scope. }
  • Teach exclusive content that won’t be anywhere else and will only be live. { Hide the scope after your done broadcasting }
  • Taunt with a Teaser that will be revealed at the end of the Scope.

Ready to Go Live?

Find the Right Light

Before you even go live, you want to make sure that you have good lighting for people to see you. Windows work for THE BEST natural lighting and it’s FREE. And the most cloudy, gloomy day actually makes for the best natural window lighting.

Your Scope Cover Photo

One more thing before you hit Begin Broadcast. The image that shows up on your individual scopes is whatever the camera is looking at when you start, make it count. Consider what it is your rear facing camera is looking at when you start your scope.


One-Track Scope

The best Scopes focus on one topic. It’s easy to go all over the place with questions and comments from viewers coming in but try to keep the ship on course. Don’t waste the time of your viewers going all over the place. Scopes are instant and hinge on a single moment like Instagram and Snapchat.


Create an Attention-Getting Headline { and use Hashtags! }

This is really true with anything you’re doing online as you have to get their attention. Describe exactly what you’re going to talk about. Use hashtags in your title to help your Scope easily be found by potential viewers interested in those topics. { Need a refresher on using Hashtags? Click here. }

When creating a headline for your Scope use emojis to help it stand out.


Share Your Live

IMG_4314To share your live there are two little buttons to make sure are selected for others to find your LIVE Periscope. The Tweet Button is more important than the location one but both are there to let others find your Scope. { The location does share where you are, if you do not want this, un-click the button. The settings should be remembered for your next Scope. }

Ending your Scope

Save yourself some funny faces of yourself at the end by knowing how to end your Periscope. Simply swipe down from the TOP of the screen and select STOP BROADCAST. That’s it. It’s simple but you’ll struggle to find it while you’re live. Remember SWIPE DOWN.

Tools to help you Scope

Holding your smartphone or iPad up with one hand for any amount of time is like a workout but while you scope, answer questions, read comments, and try to stay focused on your scope is not an easy feat. Go hands-free with these inexpensive, handy { pun-totally-intended } tools. These are affiliate links to Amazon.


Checklist for during your Periscope:

1. Say HELLO to viewers

2. Ask viewers to SHARE with the friends

3. Ask if they are a first-timer or frequent visitor of your Scope. { IF they are new, make sure they follow you to catch more! They can do so by clicking the person icon in their lower right-hand corner. }

4. Tell them who you are, what you do and what the scope is about. If you know, the estimated time length is helpful too…

5. Have fun, be interactive, engaging, and stay on track with the topic!

6. Follow MOI! 🙂 Find me at alirittenhouse OR click here.


Your Periscope URL

Now that you are ready to start Scopin’. Add your Periscope link to your website, thank you page, and email signature. Click here, search for your name and get your URL.

Here are two past Periscopes that I did if you want to watch. I posted them on my FB Page! Click here to watch my first. And here is the other one, “how to sell like a man”!

What I love best about Periscope is that it is YOU being YOU and that’s what people love and want to see. Show your awesomeness and what makes you unique.

xo, Ali

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