How Women Succeed in Business Life by Sheri McConnell, CEO of the Smart Women’s InstitutePerhaps you may have read the article by Sir Richard Branson on the Five Secrets To Business Success. I loved the article, agree with it completely and found myself still not connecting to it at the deep level I have grown accustomed to.  As a woman entrepreneur, I thought you might have felt the same.  So I offer my version of the five secrets below. Enjoy!

Live Your WHY

Women who are able to connect their business to a larger meaning or movement are more likely to create a longterm profitable business. This is because the business has a WHY for them. As they inevitably run into problems that are part of creating and running a business, they are able to sustain themselves through it all because they know how important it is that their business survive.

Be A Challenger

Successful female entrepreneurs eventually master a graceful balance of being able to challenge themselves, their clients, and the world as a whole in an way that inspires and allows people to proactively move forward on their own. These women know that by challenging their clients and customers, people know how to fish for themselves instead of showing back up hungry again later.

Inspire Your Staff To Quit

Successful women entrepreneurs create cultures in their company that are centered around growth. They walk their talk behind the scenes so much so that often their staff becomes so completely upleveled that they literally have to go out into the world and live their own purpose. Successful entrepreneurs know that this is all part of the big picture and these women or men will help them from the outside of their companies too.  Successful women entrepreneurs take pride in the growth that happens collectively from the culture they created because they know it all comes full circle and is exactly what is supposed to happen.

Be A Visionary

You guessed it.  Successful women entrepreneurs look to the future intuitively.  They don’t ask how until they are in the trenches building it. They plan around the what and the why and then once they run the numbers for profits, they jump in and just get started knowing the how will be revealed.

Create Positive Change for Others Each Day

And finally, really successful women entrepreneurs can do many things at once each day for their families, their friends, their team, their clients– all because they focus on scalable positive change.  They ask what can I do with the least amount of effort that will cause the largest ripple.


Guest Contribution by Sheri McConnell, CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute. You can visit Sheri, access her free article archive, and grab lots of free tools to live healthy, wealthy and happy at

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