Do I have your attention?

Let’s go over how it can save you money.

With traditional HTML websites wehenver you have changes to content, you have to:

  • contact your expensive web designer
  • wait for them to respond and fit your changes into their schedule
  • and then you grab a paper bag to breathe into when you receive the bill

We’ve all been there, huh!

WordPress is set up so that you can easily update your site content yourself.  Inside the posts and pages you will find an interface with icons that make it easy to maneuver around.  Allowing you to change yoru copy, pictures and depending on how savvy you are, payment link codes.

How can WordPress make you money?

well, it can’t do it on its own.  It does need your help but if you use it properly and to the max it will:

  • advertising and affiliate marketing is easy to implement with WordPress
  • higher page rank which can bring you new viewers
  • social sharing makes it easy to attract new prospects which can in turn make you money

If you are on the fence yet about making the switch, schedule a time to speak with me and I will answer your Wordprss questions!


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