I have a hot add-on for your website this week that says HELLO to your readers.

Hello Bar Sample

Hello Bar Sample

Hello Bar is a creative way to increase your sales, subscribers, and social peeps.  The options are endless as to where you can direct your readers to with your attractive Hello Bar.   It’s a clean option that can be formatted to stand out.

Set up your bar to “drop in” a few seconds after they land on your page to really grab their attention. It’s key to send them to a page with a call-to-action and direct them to the next step.  You never want your visitor to feel lost and unsure of their next move on your website.

Ways you could utilize your Hello Bar:  sales pages, events, freebies, social networking, recent blog posts, current events, sales offers, and more.

You can effectively grow your list by using the Hello Bar.  Connecting the link to a landing page for your freebie is a creative way to attract your readers to get on your list.  Track your click-throughs and sign ups to see what is working and what may need some tweaking.

Did you just release a new book or about to launch something big?  Attract them with a catchy headline and send them to a customized page to promote what’s going on.

Keep promoting your brand via your Hello Bar by sending readers to a fun landing page that incorporates your freebie, has your Facebook widget inserted so they can like your page, and even your signature product.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar Sample

It is uber important to track your stats to keep up with what is working and what is not.  Upgrade your plan to Pro and set up A & B Testing to see what headlines are attracting clicks and what needs help!

You can set up your Hello Bar up in 10 minutes or less!  To grab your bar go to hellobar.com.  Have fun setting up your Hello Bar! And I am not recommending this because I am an affiliate. Straight up, this is a tool that I think will help you!

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