Instagram Hack :: Use the SWIPE UP Feature without 10k Followers

Did you know?

You can hack your Instagram Stories account to activate the Swipe Up feature without having 10,000 followers?

When Instagram was developing the Swipe Up feature, they only gave it to people that had 10,000 followers or more.

However, there is a way that you can hack it so that you can utilize this feature as you grow and build your following on Instagram. IGTV is a feature on Instagram that allows for you to upload videos that are a minute or longer.

When you upload these videos to IGTV, you then can access the Swipe Up feature and link to those videos inside of your story. Even if you only have a hundred followers.

You first want to start with a video that is a minute or longer because those videos that are shorter than a minute will not end up on IGTV and you won’t be able to link to them. So you do need it to be a minute or longer. When you go to upload it to Instagram onto your feed, you want to make sure that you select Long Video when you are uploading it.

That is how it’s going to get over to your IGTV. And the cool part about uploading videos to IGTV is that you can add a direct link inside of the text that then sends that person to whatever URL or website that you would like for them to go to, like using that Swipe Up feature. Yes, there’s one more step that they have to take in order to get to it, but you can still utilize it.

Once you have the video on IGTV, you want to go over to your story and you can either record a short video yourself telling them about the IGTV video, you can use an image and still activate the Swipe Up, or you can share that video directly from your feed into your story so that it’ll link to IGTV.

When you have your story ready, before you post it, you’re going to click on the link icon. From there, you’re going to find your IGTV video to connect to. And that’s going to activate then that Swipe Up feature for you.

Have fun creating content for IGTV and utilizing the Swipe Up feature as you build your Instagram following.

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