Over the last few weeks, I have been connecting and talking it up with my readers, fellow VA’s, Facebook friends and Twitter peeps.  Meeting all sorts of cool new friends.  Many have commented, as soon as we get on the phone or Skype, that they feel like they already know me!

I love hearing this because that is kinda the idea behind my strategy!  How I connect with people online, how I write, how I put myself out there on my videos, I do so in a personal manner.  I want my readers to see who I am both personally and professionally.

The best way to introduce yourself to your fans, followers and online friends is with a video!

Create a short 1-2 minute video introducing who you are, what you do, and how you can help them solve their problems.  Not sure of their problem?  Think about who your ideal client is, what problem they are coming to you with and your solution.  Watch my video for some quick tips on creating your video!

Once you create your video you are ready to upload it to the web!  There are a few different options of where to upload it to.

  • Youtube – is free and great for SEO!
  • Vimeo – also free, has more options to customize than Youtube
  • Amazon Web Storage – Cheap, for larger videos

After your video uploads through either Youtube or Vimeo, it will produce code that will allow you to easily embed into your website.  Another great way to get your video out there is to send it directly to your mailing list!  As you may or may not know, you cannot send video directly through email so we do have to work some magic to make this work.  This is one time where the magician will reveal her secrets for you.

First you need to grab a screenshot image of the video.  Below are a few ways to do this step.

  • Use snagit a cool program that allows you to take screenshots.
  • If you are on a Mac use Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop
  • If you are on Windows you can use CTRL + Print screen to copy and then paste the screen shot into an image editing software to crop around the video.

Now we need to upload the image someplace so that it has an image url to insert into our email.  Most contact management systems (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, & 1shoppincart) allow for you to upload the image to insert.  If you are on WordPress and do not have the option to upload to your email program, you can easily upload this to the media library.

Now that you have the image uploaded you want to insert it into the email.  Do this the same way you would insert a regular photograph into a broadcast or autoresponder.  I usually resize the image to be around 350-400 pixels wide.

Now here comes the magic part!

Highlight the image that you just inserted.  Click on the insert hyperlink button to link the screen shot to the video.  You can link to the video directly in Youtube, your blog, Facebook or wherever the video is uploaded to.  This will take the reader to your video so that they can watch it.

By sending out videos to your fans, followers and friends, you introduce yourself to them as if it were at a networking event or coffee shop.  They see your personality, hear your voice, and feel your energy.  The more they feel like they know who you are, the more inclined they will be to want to work with you or follow what you are doing.

Watch my video below with quick tips to do before you hit record.   Keep watching until the end for some fun!

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