You are either scratching your head because you have no idea who Justin Bieber is OR because you don’t understand what he has to do with your business.

I took my daughter to see his movie in 3D last night, she is almost 11, and is in love!  Her love is equal to how my love was for Joey of New Kids On The Block.  I wasn’t sure how the movie was going to be, but I will admit to tearing up a few times at seeing his mother through the journey.  On the way home my daughter told me I needed to take her to the hospital.  I replied “why?” in a very curious voice because she was fine!  She said “because I have Bieber Fever”.  This was a total LMAO moment in the car.

A quick rundown if you have no clue who this kid is – he is a VERY talented 16 YO Canadian (he turns 17 on March 1st) who was discovered on Youtube, signed by Usher, and set a goal to sell out “The Garden” (Madison Square Garden)  in a year.

And get this – He. Did. It. (In 22 minutes actually…)

Do I have your attention now? 

1.  The Power of Social Networking

I find it hard to believe that there are still quite a few folks out there not sold on social networking to build their business.  For Justin Bieber, this is what made his fame.  Justin and his mother put his performance videos on Youtube for only family members to see who lived far away.  Yet, his channel ended up with 100K+ subscribers before he discovered and signed.

In a time when they had NO after NO thrown in their face and they were being told the only way he would make it was by being signed by Disney or Nickelodeon, they kept pressing on not settling.

Posting videos of every performance on Youtube, tweeting every time he was going to be at a radio station so people could come see him, and singing acoustic at every station he visited.  Whether they were playing his tracks or not.

20 kids showing up turned into 40 kids, 40 turned into 100, 100 to 1000, which turned into a mall that had to be shut down by the Fire Marshals.

Social Networking allows for you to meet and connect with many more people than going to your local Chamber Meeting.  Using Youtube and video gives your audience a way to feel connected with you, like your their next door neighbor.  Don’t be an introvert, get out there and mingle!

2.  Build Your Team

From the beginning Justin Bieber had a team set up with exactly who he needed to have on board to make it happen.  That team is there to support him in everything he does from photo shoots to stopping him from trying to drive a fork lift (must see the movie) to making life on the road fun!  They are vested in his life as a family member would, more so than they are for the work of it.

Having a team in place is so important in creating your empire!  Without this, it will crumble.  You cannot do everything yourself.  Repeat that with me again please – YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF!  Even the VA has a VA!

3.  Never Stop Being a Kid at Heart

Can you imagine being 16 & not be able to walk down the street.  I mean even 60 YO Grandmothers know who this kid is!!

But you see him still acting like a kid – laughing, goofing off, and enjoying life.  You would never guess that he has broken a ton of records and grown faster than any other child performer.  And has an insane schedule that we cannot even fathom!  (They mentioned something like 86 performances on their tour during the movie.)

We get so caught up in our businesses and building them that we forget to have fun and enjoy life.  Being a Kid at Heart is what keeps you young and keeps those creative juices flowing!!  Have fun, play around a bit everyday!

4.  Never. Say. Never.

Do you think that some of your goals are BIG and OVERWHELMING and UNACHIEVABLE?!

How about having a goal to book & sell out Madison Square Garden!

Yes, Justin Bieber set this goal for himself and made sure to put a goal date on it so that he could visualize and make it happen.

A goal date of ONE YEAR!

Was it a little far fetched… Maybe, but he believed.  He believed and he had the passion to make it happen.

When everyone was telling him NO, he kept on believing in himself and that it was going to happen.

We let fear and the “I can’t do this” take over.  Its easy to do.  I’ve been there and done that a few times.  But you pick yourself up, dust off and remember to:


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