The next two blog posts will be a series that will help make your emarketing campaign a little less confusing.  I will go through what Autoresponders and Broadcasts are, explain the different services out there, and help you pick which one is actually the best for your business.

List Subscribers and Customer Sales: How They Work Together (Part 1)

It can be very confusing for the non-technical person to understand how they build a list and make money with their online endeavor.   Luckily, it’s a pretty simply process to understand once you know all the players.

There are three terms you need to know:

  • Autoresponders The first email sent after a confirmed new subscriber requests information. Also sometimes referred to as an “auto response” (Definitions courtesy of AWeber)I Heart
  • Broadcasts Is a way to send a message to all or parts of your list of subscribers without interrupting a message sequence that might already be going out. Typically a broadcast is used to deliver newsletters, ezines and anything else that should only go out one time based on when the sender decides it is appropriate.  (Definitions courtesy of AWeber)
  • Shopping Carts are the means for processing payments on your web site when someone makes a purchase.  Some systems like 1ShoppingCart host your list, clients, allows you to send both broadcasts and auto esponders within the systems, and so much more.

In part one of this two-part series, we’re going to talk about Autoresponders.   Just as the name states, an autoresponder sends an auto response to someone as the result of an action.  Typically, this is when they visit your web site or blog and want to subscribe to your list, receive a free report, register for a teleseminar, etc.  The message that is shot out after signup and confirmation is the Autoresponder.

Another benefit or use of Autorepsonders is to create a Drip Campaign.  By setting the autoresponders up to send in different day intervals, you can create sale campaigns, event marketing, new product marketing, or just a friendly way to stay in sync with your list.

Here is the definition of Drip Marketing if you are not familiar with it:

  • Drip Marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time.

Broadcasts are used in a similar mannerism as Autoresponders, they deliver emails to your list when you tell them to.  However, they are used in different ways.  Broadcasts are great for sending out your weekly Newsletter, sending out coupon codes, announcements, sales… I think you get the idea!

With more services, you can create custom HTML templates to send out branded Autoresponders and Broadcasts messages.  Again, this is another aspect of your business that allows for your to connect with your list while keeping your branding consistent and to ensure that you stay connected and close with your list of clients, prospects, and friends.

To achieve a list you must first start with what’s called an “opt-in” form.  This form – while it can ask for all kinds of information – always asks for AT LEAST the person’s name and email.   You can see what the form will look like and even customize it to make your site or blog (See mine on the right hand side, below my header image).  The program you choose then gives you HTML or JavaScript code that you insert into the code on your web page or blog.  As a result, when a user visits the site or blog and enters the required information it automatically adds the person to your list.  This becomes your customer list to which you can market your products and services.

To market to your list, most programs also include the functionality for you to create an Ezine (“electronic newsletter”).   You create the content for the Ezine, generally in a template that has your corporate “look and feel” and then you can email to the people on your list at some regular interval.

The list functions as your Contact Management System by keeping track of who wants to remain on your list and process requests from those folks who want to “unsubscribe.”  Certainly, you’ve unsubscribed many times to stop newsletters you receive via email and for which you no longer have an interest.

One of the core foundations of Internet marketing is building your list(s).  Most programs lets you create a separate list for each thing you do.  It allows you to market to a single list exclusively, or pick and choose what other lists you want to include.  In addition, it tracks what subscribers are duplicates across all your lists so that someone only receives a broadcast email from you once no matter how many lists contain their data.

In part two (next week), we’re going to talk about shopping carts, what they offer and how this all fits together.

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