Learn how to automate and manage your money without loosing your mind.

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Know exactly how much $$ you have and learn how to manage your money!

GoDaddy Bookkeeping, Shoeboxed, MileIQ, + You Need a Budget.

“I don’t know… maybe they ARE fairies? I’ve never seen the Shoeboxed Employees and a fairy in the same room before…”


How to Manage Your Money as a Business OwnerAs an online business owner, managing your money is super important. Especially in the beginning, every cent counts and so does every receipt! With a new year right around the corner, it’s time to get organized financially. I gathered all of the services I use with my business and what I recommend to my clients. A good Money Mindset starts with tracking every cent coming into your business.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

This is one of my fav tools even if it has been bought by GoDaddy! I LOVE doing my bookkeeping because it does it all automatically for me. Combined with Paypal and all of my business accounts for automated accounting! Organize all of your accounts including Etsy, Paypal & your eCommerce! Be prepared at tax time with a clear report. Know exactly where you stand at the end of the year, run reports each quarter to pay your quarterly taxes required, and stop freaking out over your books. Learn to love them and the money that fuels the reports!



Now I am going to show off and tell you about the best freaking way to organize receipts, bills & even business cards! Your accountant will L-O-V-E you and how organized you are.

The process is simple! Grab your account here, use your own envelope or one of their Magic Envelopes to send in whatever you want to be scanned in by Shoeboxed {<–This is an affiliate link that helps me get free points.}, and {POOF} they are magically transformed for you.

Have you ever noticed that the new receipts fade after a while? You need to have a copy of this to keep. There is an app for that as well!

Shoeboxed has an app for your mobile device so you can record them yourselves while you are out to eat or on the go! Bad a$$!!

Use Freshbooks, Outright & Shoeboxed combined for a powerful and automated combination.

Shoeboxed is also FAST! I mailed in my recent package last Saturday. They received it on Monday and by Wednesday my receipts were made available for viewing.

Have a bunch of business cards laying around that you want save but not take up space in your office? Use the Magic Envelope to send in your cards too!


MileIQ App

Tracking your mileage all year long is an important task when you’re running a business. Every mile counts. This app will get you through every trip and mile driven. Use your smartphone to be smart about business.


You Need A Budget

If you think that you suck at budgeting — this software is going to be perfect for YOU! This software will help you get out of debt, control your money, and save more faster! Give every dollar a job. You’re the boss of your money.


Additional Resources out there!


Mint is the best “free” way to manage your money. At-a-glance they automatically download and categorize your balances and transactions. Everyday. Making it effortless to keep track of where your money is going , create budgets and categories, and check balances. You can read more about using Mint here.


Great for many reasons but the best is their simple invoice management system. No longer will it be a PITA (pain in the a$$) to invoice your clients, save time and money. Integrate with your Project Management software for easy reporting and tracking. Or you can keep track of your projects within Freshbooks. Whatever works best for you!

Now You’re All Set

Making money doesn’t have to be hard. And neither does managing it.

Let technology work for you and your business money so that you can spend more time making it!

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