I was recently chatting with some local Virtual Assistant buddies and I mentioned my new favorite website after one asked if I knew of a financial software that had a budget feature.  I instantly had their interest when I started to tell them about Mint.com and the uber cool features it offered…  and for FREE!  I wanted to take a couple minutes and share it with you as well.

Mint is the best “free” way to manage your money.  At-a-glance they automatically download and categorize your balances and transactions.  Everyday.  Making it effortless to keep track of where your money is going , create budgets and categories, and check balances.

For set up you will need to add your accounts, a couple examples are listed below:

  • Banks
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans

What will Mint.com do for you?

  • Track and categorize all of  your transactions
  • Track Incomes and Deposits
  • Allow you to set up different budgets, easily (Kiplinger’s Magazine said it is the “Best Budget Site”)
  • Take your accounts and compare them to others available to ensure you are getting the best deal
  • See spending trends

Worried about Security?  Don’t be!  They use the same security practices as Major Financial Institutions.  They monitor your account and will also notify you about suspicious charges on any of your accounts.

Low Balance?  The system will notify you of a low balance via text, email, or through their iPhone and Android application so you are always aware.

I think Mint.com is a brilliant program that is available to everyone and again, it is FREE.  It connects all of your accounts and has everything in one place and makes you aware of where you stand financially.

Find out more or try it out for yourself.  Click here.

Already using Mint.com?  Let me know what you love about it!

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