What can one-click do for you?

More than you think.

We do this everyday.

Sometimes a couple times a day.

We even do it without realizing we are.

I am referring to socially sharing content.

Every time you “like” a page or blog post, it shares the info on Facebook for all of your friends to see. The info that you liked shows up in their news feed and they can click on the link, read the post, and click “like” too.  This is what it looks like on Facebook when you click “like”.

Do you see the chain of events that could happen with just one-click?

Every time you or someone else clicks the “like” button on a blog it is published for ALL of their friends to see on Facebook. This is a simple action that happens with one-click, nothing more needs to be done!

Now think of it from a business perspective. That one-click could potentially be seen by 500 additional readers. That is some powerful sh!t huh!

And that was just with the Facebook “Like” button which you can easily install on your WordPress website or blog with a plugin.

I also suggest installing a TweetMeme button and a Facebook Share button with plugins while you are at it. This allows for the readers to share the post with comments on what they read.  To install an all-in-one plugin, I suggest checking out Tweet, Like, Google +1, and Share.  Or another fav – Sharebar.

All are must-have options on your blog AND website! This is not just something that should be included on blog posts. You should make sure they are on ANY pages that are for free calls, class offerings, specials, products, and any freebies you have. If you could benefit from it being shared on social networks, then it should at least have a Facebook “Like” button!

Please be sure to test out what it looks like when you click “Like” above.  Also take a second and share this post on your Facebook and Twitter pages using the “Share” options.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you use on your blog or website!

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