Nope, sorry this is not an ad for personal services – that was Craigslist and they did away with that…

I am talking about whether to have your clients befriend you on your personal page or “like” you on your business page. There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst entrepreneurs as to which they should do. All internet marketers or business coaches will tell you that you must send them to your Business Page only.

But I disagree with this statement. I think it all depends on what type of business you are in and how you need to connect and stay connected with them. For me it actually works well that I have both.

For those who visit my website or any other marketing material, I send them to my business page, more specifically, I send them directly to my Custom Facebook Landing Page.  I update my Business Page with my blog posts, links I like to share, and other free tips to help them whether they are a Virtual Assistants or Entrepreneurs. Unfortunately with a Business Page, you don’t see the feed of those who “Like” You. This makes it difficult to truly connect with them.

And that is why those who I truly want to connect with on a deeper level, I befriend them on my personal page.  A high number of clients that come to me are Virtual Assistant Virgins – they have never worked with a Virtual Assistant before.  They know they need one because all of the Big Business Ballers have them but they are not sure how to delegate and make it work for their business.  Connecting with me on a deeper level helps bridge the fear factor.

I have made some wonderful connections with other entrepreneurs that would have never happened had I not befriended them on my personal page.  Some of these same connections have taught me a thing or two, inspired me, and has also been the result of referrals and clients.

So I say – evaluate what feels right for your business and make the appropriate decision from there.

If you have a Facebook Business page – Maximize your results with an FBML Custom Landing Page.   Need more info on Business Pages?  Check out my post here.


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