Were you one of the ones that freaked the eff out and deleted all of your pins?  Sorry, that really sucks. I kept mine but was prepared and tried to keep up on the latest. Last night, I received an email from Pinterest that stated they are now updating their Terms of Service! It is in terms that you can understand! No more lawyers speculating on what the hell it meant to be a Pinterest user.

Pinterest is upping their game this weekend with this step! Shows they see our love for their service and their desire to give us what we want. Now that is a great customer experience. They changed before we demanded it, before we starting boycotting their service completely! (Yes, I know some did but the masses did not – just people who were lawyers, knew lawyers or thought they were lawyers!) That is something that businesses should take note of.

If you would like to read the email that announced the New Terms of Service, see below. To read the new Terms of Service, click here.

And EVERYONE should read this about Pinterest Etiquette, please click here.

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