Finally, there is now a way to request for a new name on your pages on Facebook!  For me, this was fabulous news that we have been waiting for because my current page name is “Alicia Rittenhouse, Geeky Virtual Assistant”. As you know, I have transitioned from a Virtual Assistant and so the name change is necessary in order to continue using this page. I have 598 fans on this page and would love to keep them!

On Thursday evening, I requested for a name change and thought — that is it! I get a new name for my page, I get to keep ALL of my likers and it is a happy Facebook world again.

Immediately after that, I received an email from Facebook requesting more information to confirm my name change occurred with my business.  They gave an example of an utility bill or something that showed the new name AND an address. I quickly replied letting them know that I did not have anything like this because well, my name is Alicia so everything still says that.  I thought that it was odd to ask for that but it is Facebook, I don’t know that we can really question what they do.  They know what they are doing.

The next afternoon, I received a happy email from Facebook’s team letting me know they approved my request to change my name!  Within 15 minutes, it was reflected on my page with the new name!  Woohooo!!  Score!

Now this is an one-time change ONLY so if you request it, you had better be sure that you are not going to want another change of name!

***At the moment Facebook has taken this link down, I am scouring the web to find a new link for you! Please sit patiently!!”

CLICK HERE to request your Facebook Page Name Change

I am sure this pleases so many people!!!  See, all of Facebook changes aren’t bad ones!

So for those who are feeling left out because you don’t need to change your name on Facebook, I want to share this other awesome post about how to connect your Employer section with your Facebook Page!  Click here to read!

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Another great tip that we are working to integrate with the Academy Training — you can also connect your Education section to a Facebook Page!  Any time anyone clicks on the link in your profile, it will take them directly to that page!  This is totally cool and can help spread the word or brand!

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