This week’s blog post is a little different than my usual posts but I think you will enjoy it! It was inspired (can I say inspired in reference to this movie?) the highly-anticipated comedy The Hangover 2 coming out this weekend!

One of my favorite parts from The Hangover is Alan’s Wolfpack Speech.  Click on the picture below to see the clip if you missed it!

In the movie, Alan felt like a loner until he found his pack.  The same is true as an entrepreneur!  We search and search for our “wolfpack” to connect with.  Once we find it, we don’t try and find any other.

We generally think of our wolfpacks as the online associations, training programs, and membership sites that we belong to with other entrepreneurs (who usually have the same niche as us).  If you only ever connect with one group or association, how do you expect to grow your own pack of peeps?

I often see entrepreneurs in one group going to each other for services and never branching out to see what other possibilities might be out there.  They wonder why they feel like their business looks similar to the person next to them, they start comparing, then the wolf in them comes out and they feel like they are competing with them trying to “out do them”.

Hold up!  We aren’t really wolves and competing with our peeps is not cool! Ever heard of abundance? Over 500 million just on Facebook and 100 million on LinkedIn. Ya, there is plenty to go around.

What about creating your OWN network of wolfpacks of people that you meet, like, and connect with online?  People that share similar interests but also have completely different businesses.  We get sucked into the groups we belong to and forget that there are also a million other packs out there that have wolves starving for new connections and new wolves to run around with online and in person!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It is freaking fabulous to have one tight group that you belong to but is it ever good to have all your eggs in one basket?  I don’t think so.

Now before I send you off on this week’s assignment; let’s talk about your online presence for a moment.

  • What sets you apart from the other wolves who are also trying to enter the pack?
  • What is that cork or selling point that creates your uniqueness?
  • Who are you that makes your business ROCK?

Setting yourself apart from the rest is actually one of the best marketing tools you can use to position yourself to stand out from the other wolves.  I use my personality, my geekiness, and my spunk to create my online image.

Find your unique style that will set you apart – act on that with your website and marketing.  Then get out there and meet at least two new packs to run in!  You can use LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages or Groups, and search out local packs in your area.

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This is also not my first movie post. You can check out my post dedicated to Justin Bieber here.

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