How would you interact with your email contacts if you had a plugin that told you socially about them?

I have a secret Gmail plugin that shows you about them inside your email. Connect socially with them before you send a reply to their email without leaving your inbox!

You can see what their jobby job or business is. Where they are located and their LinkedIn Profile. Build your network by following them, adding as a friend on Facebook, or a connection on LinkedIn.

Rapportive shows you a social inside look at the contact while showing you their beautiful mug, short bio and their social links. If they are active on Twitter, you can see and interactive with their live tweets!  Leave notes on their contact profile for reference later.

Having this information allows you to build the relationship with your contact.

Watch my quick tutorial on how to install Rapportive and what it looks like when you have it open in your email!

How to Install Rapportive Add-on – Firefox

How to Install Rapportive Add-on – Safari

Click here to install Rapportive!

BONUS Tip for using Rapportive!

If you use AWeber or Mailchimp for your email marketing you can utilize Rapportive to see if the person emailing you is on any of your email marketing list, the date that they signed up, and if they have unsubscribed from any list. Install the Rapportive App through your email marketing system to connect with Gmail. Once you have that installed, you will be able to view this information along with their social information.

Can you imagine how having this information can be powerful?

After you’ve socially connected with them, you can also recognize and give them extra thanks for being a part of your list community. Let them know you know who they are and most of all, that you care to know that information.

Use Rapportive to begin to build your relationship with them. { Click to tweet that! }

Hope you enjoy seeing your contacts’ social information!

xo, Ali

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