Social media & networking doesn’t have to be all about status updates and sharing links.  After all – it is called social MEDIA.

Think of how you can creatively engage with your friends and followers through images.  There are some fun ways you can interact with your social friends – find a way that works for you.

Here are a few places you can explore with:

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Daily Booth

Let me share with you my two favorite ways and how to add them to your Facebook Page in less than 5 minutes each.


A place to collect the things you love around the internet.  Just named the 3rd largest social network, if you have yet to check it out, do so now!

How many times have you visited a cute website and wanted to share an image or snippet that you found?  With Pinterest you can show off your finds on your networks.  Show your friends your style and what you love.  Allow them to connect with you through images.  Create your own virtual vision board.

You can add a badge to your website or plugin to display your latest pics.

To add Pinterest to your Facebook Page, watch this video below.

Insert this into the url box after installing the app —

Click here to start the installation of Pinterest on your Facebook Page.


A fun creative way to share your updates in images matched with a short description and fun image filter.

I love this app and using it with my iPhone.  This week we welcomed Android users to Instagram as well!

Create buzz while you are hosting an event or launching a product with a series of pics!  Show your business behind the scenes, your fans will love this!  Ask your followers for feedback through your account too.

To add Instagram to your Facebook Page, watch this video below.

Click here to start the installation of Instagram on your Facebook Page.

Social Media wasn’t created for people to just share text and what they are eating.  Have fun and be creative.  Standing out from the crowd is what will keep you on the mind of your future customers.

Be sure to share you fav way to share images below in the comments section!

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