I love being inspired and that happened this morning with my fav show – CBS Sunday Morning.  Whoever says TV is not educational has not watched this show.  I always learn something and it’s presented in a way that is interesting and tells a story.  Always tells a story.  Today, I felt that the stories were showcasing some great points for entrepreneurs. I wanted to share them with you.

The Tiffany’s Standard

Who does not love that little blue box?

When you think of Tiffany’s, you think of the high standard that comes with something from Tiffany’s. How can you always market and display your business with the Tiffany Standard? Being Your Best. Always upholding a high standard with your marketing efforts. Online, offline, and socially! Lately, there has been an epidemic of spammy social media going around.  If you need a refresher of  dos and don’ts of social media, click here.

When Tiffany’s is creating prices or a new product line, they look at what is best for them and not worrying about what others think.

Do you know that there is a rumor that President Lincoln came in and picked out a gift for his wife to wear for his inauguration with Charles Tiffany?  Lincoln asked Charles what the discount was for the president and Charles replied that no one at Tiffany & Co. receives a discount.  When you are marketing like you are Tiffany’s, keep this in mind when someone asks you to discount your services. Discounting your services does not help your business.

Pair Your Passion & Hard work

I’ve been listening to the Black Keys for a few months.  Nothing like their die-hard fans, I am sure but I learned some cools things about them this morning!  My fav, that they are from Ohio.  I had no idea!

Being an entrepreneur is hard work.  Even if you are a half-ass business owner, it is still hard work.  If you are going to work hard at something, make sure it’s paired with passion.  I absolutely love what I do and everything with it.  So working hard is fun and enjoyable.

The Black Keys also didn’t start off successful.  In fact, they have been working at it since 2001 when they were first formed! They built their loyal fan base by touring small clubs in a van.

Much differently than Tiffany’s not caring what others thought, the Black Keys very much care about what their family and friends think.  They passed up a $320k deal because they were worried people would think they sold out. The next time the opportunity came, they grabbed it it up and haven’t looked back since. Selling out Madison Square Gardens in 15 minutes.

The underdogs from Ohio.

Everything is Business.

One of the last interviews from this morning that I was able to catch was with Paris Fashion Designer – Pierre Cardin.  He made a statement that sealed the deal for today’s blog post.

Everything is Business.  He went onto say after that, if you don’t see your own pictures, no one will know who you are.

How true is that with today’s marketing and online conversations?  Social media is who you are. We are not physically selling that picture but you are marketing that image andt personality that separate you from all the rest.  The picture of you at events, hanging out off the clock, images with new products of your own or someone else’s.  When you are in business, your world is business -connecting and engaging to grow it.  Follow this if you want to grow your social networks.

To make sure your face is everywhere you are online, make sure you get your face on!  Click here for this quick tutorial that will teach you how to get your face on(line).

Another gem of information I took from the interview was that he did not care what others thought and he is who paved the way to make high-end couture fashion affordable. Others were missed but guess what… they all followed suit when they saw he made millions.

Pierre didn’t suddenly arrive at success.  One of the things that intrigued me most was that he continues to keep going onto the next thing – even at 90 years old.  He creates, puts it out there, does it well and is on to the next project.  He is always pushing himself to be better, challenging himself and his abilities.  All while staying innovative and non-traditional.

Story Telling

Inspiration always comes from stories.  That is why Steve Hartman’s “Everyone has a story” is so touching. You inspire others with your story. I am inspired by you and others’ stories.  I inspire you and other women with my story.

That is why the Goddess Lounge was created.  Tomorrow is the last day to submit your favorite woman in business. Click here to nominate them now!

Leave a comment below with your Sunday Inspiration.  Something that you read or watched or happened in real life and has helped to inspire you this past week.

Xo, Ali

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