Tonya Leigh
Ali helped me reach 6-figures in business year after year while running my marketing. She has walked me through a rebranding, offering creativity paired with practicality. She was the strategist behind my very successful launches. Without her help, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. Ali is a top notch, fun, creative and extremely attentive.”
Tonya Leigh


{ Creator of the French Kiss the World Society. tonyaleigh.com }


Sonia Sommer
“Ali helped me create an Online Expert Status and Presence. Ali’s 1 on 1 program gave me the marketing and tech knowledge I needed to create an online presence with amazing results in my business. I’ve attracted new high profile clients and now, I’m seen as an expert in my community and field. Working with Ali has been one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made. She takes makes the “how” of running your business simple and fun while working with you hands-on to implement. With Ali you’ll create a clear vision and have the confidence to make big things happen Don’t just think about working with her…just do it!
Sonia Sommer


Robin Ware
“I have experienced immediate results! I knew I needed a coach but more importantly I knew I needed the right coach. Prior to Ali, I had worked with 2 other coaches. They were good and I learned a few things but coaching with Ali has been AMAZING! She takes her time, she listens well and she provides you with the best solutions that fit your business.
Robin M. Ware
{ The Ware Agency thewareagency.com}


Robin Ware
“Ali is a fireball of energy, passion and is absolutely dedicated to YOUR success. She has an incredible track record in helping women launch successfully and into six figures. She has incredible business savvy and just one call with her helped me to get super clarity around my launch plans and how to boost my launch and reach my 100K goal! Ali is an incredible teacher and a total tech diva! She is able to breakdown even the most confusing tech stuff for people like me who hate the tech side of biz and help me to take action and make it happen. Thank you Ali for supporting me in this wild and crazy journey of entrepreneurship! “
Chantelle Adams


Andrea Owen
MY WORLD HAS BEEN ROCKED. When I saw that Ali had VIP sessions and that I could spend an afternoon with her, I had to jump. I love things fast and easy, and this was exactly that. Several hours digging into my business, with a fresh, powerful, wise set of eyes to look at my business and see my blind spots, what I needed to improve and what I needed to emphasize. I left the session with pages upon pages of notes for me and my VA to take action on. I love that Ali challenged me to play a bigger game- something I knew in my gut I needed to do, but I just didn’t know on what. Ali easily came up with ideas for me and in those, was my HELL YES! idea. I launch it before the end of the year!It was like the best first date ever! Thank you Ali for giving me EXACTLY what I needed!”
Andrea Owen


{ Founder of Your Kick Ass Life, yourkickasslife.com }


Jen Puckett
“Ali Rittenhouse shines with positive energy. After my initial conversation with Ali, I knew I had to coach with her. She was easy to chat with, full of knowledge and ideas, and very eager to help me turn my business into a success. Needless to say, my gut instinct was correct. With Ali’s coaching, I have tripled my income and my client list! Not only has Ali helped me to define my strengths and use them to benefit my business but she has also guided me in overcoming my weaknesses and self-doubt. The coaching has given me the knowledge and skill to market my business in creative and fun ways that suit my personality. With Ali’s guidance, I have also systemized crucial processes and organized my overall business structure. Overall, I have embraced my geekiness and am now PROUD of my biz, thanks to Ali’s Kick-Ass Program!”
Jen Puckett


{ Site Stylist jenpuckett.com/ }


AJ Joiner
“ALI IS THE REAL DEAL! I’d been following Ali for a while but as soon as I reached out to her, I connected with her on a very real level. She helps you determine the right strategy for you and your business with practical ideas you can implement. No fluffy stuff or things you already know, she gets to the heart of what YOU really need. Ali helps you figure out how to take that idea and put it into action and I recommend her highly to all entrepreneurs.”
AJ Joiner


{ Creator of InstaCertified. instacertified.com }


Jessica Doody
“Ali knows her stuff! In just a few hours she gave me months of specific technical actions steps toward growing my list and launching my next product. Ali answered all my social media questions, helped me prioritize where to put my energy, and even helped me brainstorm some product and offering ideas. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and fun. For those who are lost or stagnant in the world of technology, websites, list building and social media and who want direct, customized feedback and direction, I would highly recommend a session with Ali!”
Jessica Doody



Rose R
“I initially thought that I could create my online marketing plan myself but it became too overwhelming. With Ali’s help, I created the marketing funnel and plan that I wanted and I learned how to make changes with ease. Now I have a website that reaches more people and establishes my credibility as a coach. Starting a business can be stressful. I feel so fortunate to have found someone who helped make it easy. Without Ali, I would still be struggling with everything instead of focusing on the heart of what I do for my clients and making money. Having Ali on my team helps me to feel supported and confident.”
Rose Reiger


{ Founder of Rose Coloured Life roseregier.com }


Amy Johnson
“I highly recommend working with Ali! My WordPress site is beautiful and was designed exactly the way I wanted with very little guidance-Ali took the initiative to learn about me and my business and then put together something that fit perfectly! She designed a beautiful and effective newsletter template and twitter page to match, too. Love it all, and love working with Ali!”
Dr. Amy Johnson


{ Pyschologist & Life Coach dramyjohnson.com }


Brad V
“It is always a great time working with Ali! I thought I was full of ideas and my brain never took a break but I think she has me beat. Ali is a great motivator and definitely keeps me on my toes. She has great ideas on how to market my business to reach my clients. I see growth in my business whenever I implement her coaching.”
Brad Van Tilburgh



Single Mom Seeking
“If you’re in need of a visual overhaul for your business marketing plan and client life cycle — one that fits perfectly with your brand — look no further than Ali Rittenhouse. What a great blend of creativity, business and technical expertise that you receive when you work with Ali! Also, thanks to her communication skills, Ali will walk you through implementing everything step-by-step with lots of patience.”
Rachel Sarah


{ Founder of Single Mom Seeking Singlemomseeking.com }


“Ali took a topic that was once almost unfathomable and broke it down for me into easy-to-understand steps. Her patience, wit, and humorous attitude enabled me to see past the road blocks I’d created with technology and learn to use it to better my business and brand. Most importantly, Ali infused each of our meetings and sessions with fun. Instead of walking away dreading all that I had to accomplish, I always felt excited to put to use all the new lessons learnt. The skills acquired with Ali’s guidance have allowed me to reach a vaster audience and truly spread my message. Unlike ever before, I now feel comfortable expressing myself online through my website and other social media outlets. Ali also worked with me to build my confidence in understanding online programming and its extensive capabilities. Though she is always there to help me with future needs, the wisdom gained through working with her has allowed me to undertake tasks I would have avoided just months ago.”
Susie B.


{ Founder of Unlock Your Bliss live-blissfully.com }


Jen Kem
“Ali is the modern entrepreneur’s way to get rock-star coaching for your business. Hiring her was one of the best investments I’ve made.”
Jen Kem


{ Founder of The Fabu Life TheFabuLife.com }


Lucille sorella
“MY BUSINESS WAS A MESS BEFORE I MET ALI. She helped me get it back on track so that I could produce more and create more income streams. Partnering with Ali and learning to delegate was, hands down, one of the best things I ever did for my business … and my peace of mind!”
Lucille Sorella


{ Founder of Preen Publishing PreenPublishing.com }


Sarah Novak
“Ali manages to make even the most daunting projects fun and manageable. It is rare to find a “techie person” who can both explain the process in non-techie speak AND deliver a superb result. Ali is the real deal!”
Sarah Novak



“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! There just isn’t enough words to express how helpful Ali is. With her suggestions and coaching we were able to get our name out there so much more resulting in more business. Ali’s personality is so friendly, she instantly fit right in with what our business needed to succeed.”
Jenn Cangelosi & Heidi Marshall


{ Founders of Boutique Bargains BoutiqueBargains.com }


“After almost 20 years of providing transcription services, I knew it was time for a chance. Lucky for me, I met Ali at the first time – she was launching her training program. I was attracted to Ali’s enthusiasm and drive for helping womenpreneurs. Working with Ali was exactly what I needed to make my transition. I’ve gone from transcribing providing social media strategy, planning and implementation to individuals and companies. Ali not only helped me with the technical skills but also the confidence I needed to go from behind the scenes to the visibility of social media. I know it won’t be the last time I work with Ali. I would highly recommend her if you want to take your business to the next level.”
Kim Starry


{ Founder of Starry Night Social Media starrynightsocialmedia.com }


“I had been struggling to figure out what my unique selling point was for some time. One 15 minute conversation with Ali and I not only knew what my USP was, but also had a new direction for my business. Ali’s ability to quickly recognize that I wasn’t fully utilizing my skill set and that it was better suited for a different role helped me tremendously. With a new found clarity and focus I am on my way to a successful new venture. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for what Ali does to help women be more successful and rock their geek side in business.”
Margaret L. Fisher


{ Founder of Empire Virtual Assitant Servies empirevirtualassistantservices.com }


“Before even signing up for Ali’s Labs, I was already extremely impressed with her and the whole empire she has created! Ali’s courses are for anyone wanting to learn or freshen up on techie skills. I can’t wait to finish the course, although it’s been so fun learning from Ali (her teaching style ROCKS!) that I will likely be signing up for another one of her courses! Thank you, Ali, for being an inspiration to us all. You are a wonderful, powerful, initiative-taking woman who continues to set a fabulous example of what we all can become!”
Stefani Harris


{ Founder of Evolve Yoga Fitness evolveyogafitness.com }


“Finding Ali Rittenhouse to help with my Internet business was one of the best things I’ve done. She does all the web technical things that I don’t want or like to do. In just a few short weeks, Ali has set up my blog, ezine, shopping cart products, and my affiliate program. She is even helping me to launch teleseminars, start to finish. Ali was there every step of the way, always available to provide her knowledge, expertise and patience. She is someone I can count on to really get the work out. I actually grew a bigger business and made more money by hiring Ali. I defiantly recommend Ali!”


“I have worked with Ali for three years. There is not anything that she cannot do. She helped to get my website to Google’s #1 spot on Google’s #1 page. She is always there to help. You can tell she loves what she does, and she is great at it.”
Kris Elsner


{ Founder of Elsner Painting & Pressure Washing elsnerpaintingandpressurewashing.com }


“Working with Ali was wonderful! She was incredibly patient with me as I figured out just how I wanted my website to look. She was quick to make my requested changes and continues to be quick in making updates to my website. I have already recommended her to colleagues and would recommend her to anyone looking for a website designer.”
Janet Jackson


{ Founder of Organization Solutions organizationsolutionsllc.com }