Should I create a blog, podcast, do video or livestream?

Content Marketing Mediums

Answer these simple questions to know what kind of content marketing medium you should create to market your business.

Thanks to technology and all the advances that have happened over the last few years, there are so many different content marketing mediums. It can seem overwhelming and maybe a little daunting trying to figure out what’s the best medium for your business when you’re just getting started.

I’m going to help you walk through the different options and what is going to be the best fit for you to help you market your business online. From blogging, to vlogging, to podcasting, livestreaming, creating stories, reels, TikTok, it can seem overwhelming with all of these different options out there.

What’s Your Content Marketing Medium?

One of the first things that I work on with my clients is helping them find the best medium that is going to energize them and make them want to create content, because if you’re an online business, you must create content in order to connect with your audience and stay in front of them and in the forefront of their mind.

No matter what type of business you have, content is really important to connecting with those potential customers, or people that have already purchased from you and getting them to purchase again.

When I’m talking to entrepreneurs, I take them through a couple of questions that are really simple and easy to answer. Once we have the answers to those questions, we pretty much know what platform and what medium is going to work best for them.

How do you consume content?

I want you to think about how do you consume content? What is your medium of connecting with people that you follow? Because that is going to be a indicator and probably how you want to create content as well.

Do you love to write?

For instance, if you love to read, you probably love to write as well. The two go hand in hand. If you are a writer, then blogging is going to definitely be the medium that you want to choose.

You may also want to do guest posts and write articles for bigger publications, because this is going to help get you in front of new audiences. Not only are you creating content for yourself, but you’re also creating it for your ideal audience on larger publications that can send that traffic back to you.

Do you love listening to podcast?

Do you love absorbing podcasts, Like you can’t get enough of podcasts, they are your daily playlist? Do you love talking and sharing information? If so, then podcasting might be the medium that you look into creating.

It’s really simple because you just need a microphone and some quiet space to record podcasts episodes. You don’t necessarily have to worry about all of the logistics of the next option that I’m going to give you.

If you’re a little less techie, but you want to step into a medium other than writing, podcasting is the way to go.

Do you love watching YouTube?

Next, if you love talking and you love watching videos, then creating videos for your medium, like I’m doing right now, might be the path that you want to take. Now, video does add a couple other techy elements to the equation, and podcasting definitely is easier, but I love creating videos.

It allows for you to connect with your audience in such a deeper way than reading or even just listening can do, because you’re adding in all of the elements into the video. I love creating videos, but I will say it does take time to get comfortable and know exactly what your process is.

If you absorb videos, if you go straight to watching videos on social media or on YouTube, then this is probably a great medium for you.

Do you love video but don’t want to deal with the tech?

If you want to eliminate some of the tech logistics in getting on video. then livestreaming might be a perfect solution for you. The great thing about livestreaming is, again, you can bring in that guest element, where you can bring guests onto your live streams, or you can go onto others’ live streams and guests for them.

Any of these different mediums are great to create content for your business, but you have to find the right solution that works best for you, because I can tell you right now, in almost a decade of coaching, if I was to tell you that I wanted you to create videos and you’re scared to death of it, you’re not going to do it.

You have to find a content marketing medium that you feel comfortable with that allows for you to spread your wings, get confident, and put it out there.

You can always add to the different mediums that you’re doing later to create content, but start with one, one that you feel so confident behind that you know you can create great content that allows for you to connect with your audience.

Have fun thinking about all the options that you can create once you decide on that medium.

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