I had a completely different topic that I was going to write about this week. After annoyingly being bombarded with emails and notifications from being added to a group without my permission, I felt the need to write this post and help everyone out. Most of these are for Facebook but you can use them with most any social network.

Do NOT automatically add people to a group without their permission!
This is icky and not polite in any way!  DO send them a personalized note letting them know why they should consider joining your group and why you are sending them the invite.

Do NOT send mass emails through social networking.
DO send friendly and conversation emails to connect with your friends.  Anything else is called Spam.  Be mindful.  Yes, you can spam someone through social networking.  We all have received a mass message through Facebook or LinkedIn and to me it is pretty annoying when I see one – especially on Facebook because every time someone replies, I receive another notification.  Not cool for those who didn’t even want to be a part anyway.

Do NOT promoting yourself or your business on someone else’s wall (without permission).
Again this really is icky and will not attract people to you or your business.  DO share your favorite business pages on your own page.

Do NOT mass invite people to come to your event!

NO I do NOT want to attend your tele-call, your yard sale, or your program launch that you are passing off as an “event”.  Do create an invite and kindly post it on your wall for your “likers” to see.  If they are interested in the event, they will sign up!  You could potentially lose people who would be interested if you didn’t clog up their inbox with another event invite.

Do NOT send automated messages in Twitter when someone follows you.
This is wrong in so many ways.  DO take a couple seconds and send a personalized note thanking them for following you or adding you as a friend.  Seriously, take the time to interact with me when you find out I am following you.  Allow me to mingle with you before asking me to join your mailing list, like you on Facebook or whatever else you are automatically sending out.

It is important to understand that if people like you and are attracted to you — they will join your list, follow you on Facebook, and probably anything else just short of throwing themselves at you.  Just be patient and win them over first.  The rewards will come.

And while we are on the topic, check out a past vlog post on Social Media Etiquette.

Do you have a Do or Don’t of Social Networking that you would like to share?  Post it in the comments section below!

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