Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an alert directly to your inbox every time someone talking about you or your brand online?  If you said yes, then keep on reading.

When someone is talking good or bad about you or your brand, you better know. It is an awfully big world out there and you can now ears and eyes crawling the web everywhere for you.

If you don’t know about your raving fans and bitching upset customers, you are hurting your business.

Everyone knows how powerful Google is but I am going to show you a way to harness the power and point it directly to your inbox.

Ways to Use Google Alerts

Here are some sample ideas of ways to use Google Alerts to get you started.

Monitor your Reputation – Your must set up at least your name, brand name and domain url – aliciarittenhouse.com (you don’t need anything ahead of the url).

Niche Keywords – What are some keywords that you would like to follow in your niche? Set up Google Alerts with these words to see who is doing what and when.

Competitive – Sometimes it is ok to stalk people. Spying in on what others are doing and where they are hanging out online can help you plot out your next move. Being one step ahead is about knowledge and taking action on that knowledge.

Trending Alerts – Could your blog or social media presence benefit more if you were always in the know?   Set up alerts for keywords or phrases that could come up and alert you of breaking news in your industry. Stay ahead of the game.

The options are endless but I hope this at least gets you started thinking about ways to use Google Alerts. Be sure to at least be checking for your name and/or your brand’s name.

It is so simple and easy.  Why wouldn’t you use them?

Setting Up Your Alerts

1.} Follow this link to Google Alerts – http://www.google.com/alerts

2.} Enter your Keywords

Start entering the content you want to set the alert up for. Separate each term with a comma. You can edit at anytime if you enter too many or too few.

3.} Pick the Content Type

Google Alerts allows you to pick which type of content you are looking for with each alert. I like keeping Everything selected.

4.} Select How Often

What is the frequency you would like to receive this content? Does once a day work well for you or is it something you want immediately? Select the options from the list.

5.} Email Address to Send Alert

Last step, select where you want your fab new alerts delivered to. If you select for immediate delivery as it happens, your email inbox may become filled with alerts. Don’t forget you can adjust them to suit your needs at any time.

Want more tips for using Google Alerts? Click here now.

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