Adding a handwritten signature is a personal touch and you can use it for so many different things online to add that touch.

You don’t have to have expensive software or have to be a graphics nerd to make this happen.

In fact, I bet you already have everything you need around your house!

Step 1 | Go Grab Your Supplies

Here is what you need:

  • 2 sheets of clean, white blank paper. Make sure it doesn’t have lines and it is blank!
  • A sharpie or thicker ink pen, like a ball-point
  • Smartphone, camera or scanner

Step 2 | Practice Writing Your Name

Practice makes perfect and will help you get your signature down to exactly what you want it to look like.

Use the first sheet of paper to practice how you want to write your name, what it should look like, and gives you a chance to test out a couple different writing tools!

Step 3 | Write a Couple Variations

Take your clean sheet of paper and write a few clean variations of your name on the paper!

Remember to leave plenty of space between each one so that you can crop them out in a few steps.

Step 4 | Snap a Pic

Use your smartphone, camera or scanner to snap a pic of each of your signatures (or all together if you are scanning it in). Try to hold the camera up as straight with your signature as possible. Snapping a picture of your signature turns it into digital!

Email it to yourself so you can get it on your computer!

Step 5 | Trim It Up!

It’s time to trim up your signature and turn it into an image file! And you don’t need to invest in Photoshop!  Go to for a quick trim. Crop your signature so that is a perfect picture of your name!

Watch my quick tutorial on how to crop the background out using!

Step 6 | Save Image & USE IT!

Once you have it cropped out, save it and start to insert it anywhere you can insert images!

Email signatures, contracts, webpages, blog post, email newsletters, PDF’s… really any marketing materials!  Have FUN with it!

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