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But ALL successful launches do include these things…

“when launching you must have the confidence in your product and what you are offering”


You’ve been sitting on an idea and now you’re ready to launch it out into the great, big online world. Every launch is different, as it should be. I’ve orchestrated, organized, strategized, and done-for-myself over 100 launches. I’ve witnessed millions be made through these launches and I want to help you do the same.

A successful launch includes the following:

A Plan

The first step to launching anything successfully is having a plan. Planning out your launch is especially important, as there are many different areas. When the launch starts moving, it goes fast. You MUST have every step of the way mapped out. Having all of the content set up ahead of the launch helps the process move with less stress on you.

There are 3 phases to launching and it’s important to understand each when planning. You will want to plan out your pre-launch, launch, and post launch processes.

Setting Your Goals

Having goals for yourself helps you work towards the numbers and goals you set. You will want to set goals and track your new subscriptions, social growth, and sign up numbers. This isn’t just about financial gains that come in through your launch.

The goals, are like guidelines to push you past your comfort zone.

You shouldn’t base your success completely on whether you reached the goals. I have had my own launches back in the days that I’ve set a higher goal sign up number to reach and expand myself with and I didn’t reach that goal. I still brought in high 5-figures from it and it was a great success for my business.

 A Product that Solves the Need

You can’t launch anything, on the contrary to what others may say. If your product doesn’t solve a specific need, it will not sell. There must be a true problem that your product solves. You want to ensure that you have created OFFERS THAT CONVERT.

Do your research to ensure there is a need for your target market.


A launch isn’t a launch without implementing everything. And I mean everything. Why waste the time creating your plan only to not implement everything. Make sure that even when you feel like the buzz is dying down, you keep pushing forward. DO NOT GIVE UP. Implement EVERYTHING.

Do you want your launch to be successful? You must do everything. Period.

Clear Copy & Message

Having clear copy and a message that speaks to your potential buyers helps them connect with your product. Address their pain points and how your product is going to solve their problem. If they don’t connect with your copy, they won’t connect with your product and definitely will have no interest in pulling out their credit card.

Don’t be afraid to hire a copywriter to help you tighten up your copy and message. Lauren is great! 

Community Support

Having a community behind you cheering you on during your launch will help spread the word and get people excited about it. Create a Hype Crew!

Your community is also your team of support. Launches are kinda a big deal. Having a Virtual Assistant to help with implementation and a coach to keep you on track and focused.

Have your cheerleaders in place for your launch.

Confidence – Believing in yourself and your product.

And lastly, when launching you must have the confidence in your product and what you are offering.

You must believe in it’s super powers and how your going to help solve the major pain point of your potential buyers.

You’ve got this! You. Will. Do. It.


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