What???  You don’t have a Marketing Road Map?  Are you crazy kid?!  You don’t go on a road trip without a plan or GPS unit do you?  OK, well some of you may but you are just Out-Of-Your-Mind-Crazzzzyyyy.

It’s OK, it is never too late to start.  Go, grab a calendar and let’s start planning.

First ask yourself:

  • What are your marketing goals?
  • How often do you want to market socially?
  • What will create success for you from your marketing?

Everyone’s answers to these questions will be different!  Keep your marketing true to your business and no one else’s.

Next ask yourself these questions to become clear on who your audience is:

  • What type of people will your marketing benefit most?
  • What blogs is your audience reading?
  • What social networks are they active on?
  • What age group are they probably in?

You must know who you are reaching and where they are spending time  at online in order to reach them.  Facebook and Twitter are not the only places the cool people are hanging out at online.

Once you know these answers, you can plan out your Marketing Road Trip.

Things to consider for mapping out your Marketing Road Trip:

  • Affiliate Marketing Links – Are your affiliates launching new products or offering sales?
  • Blog posts topics and dates – Schedule out what needs to be done for the month with writing, when they go live, and plan out tweets and status updates to promote the posts.
  • Ezine deadlines and topics – don’t forget to plan these out too!
  • Future Event Marketing – this should be started months in advance for maximum results.
  • Public Relations – you must know your month’s potential to coordinate launches with press coverage for maximum success.
  • Product Launches – this is also a strategic move that you should plan out how you will market for a big launch!
  • Social Marketing Plan – for sales happening with your products or affiliate products.
  • Tweetables – Plan out tweets you want to post on helpful hints or fun links.
  • Anything else you do strategically to market your business.

Keeping a calendar and plan helps keep you organized and stay on track.  Having a team to keep track for you is more ideal in growing your online empire.   If you would like to have a customized Marketing Road Map created to create POP & Buzz in your business, click here and let’s chat.

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