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No matter what type of business you own, list building should be on your list of marketing.

If it’s not, today’s episode of Just the Tip is just for you.

List building is crucial to whatever type of business you have. Even if you don’t have a business but you’re looking to increase your sales, list building might be something that you should look into.

It’s all about attracting that ideal customer that you want to purchase from you, but it’s not all about the sales and it’s not all about getting them to pull out their credit card. It’s really about nurturing the relationship with them.

List building is all about relationship building and hopefully, when you start thinking about it like that, it might take the overwhelm out of the equation for you because it’s really not that difficult once you understand the person you’re trying to reach.

Today’s episode is where all great list building begins.

I’m gonna give you the exact steps you must take to get started.


1. Finding a Reputable Email Marketing System

I stress the word reputable because now in this day and age, there are many, many, many different types of email marketing systems out there but they’re not all created equal.

Ensuring that you are using an email marketing system that has great deliverability and doesn’t get thrown into the spam filter every time that you send an email.

If you’re unsure, I’ve listed a couple below that I can highly recommend to you. This is important because you want to ensure that your emails are delivered, that your effort is making it’s way to that ideal customer.

This is one area that I highly recommend that you pay for. It’s great to have those free services out there but this is not one that I would play around with.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit


2. Your Phenomenal Free Offer

Now that you have your email marketing system figured out, you need some kind of phenomenal, free offer that you can set up inside of that email marketing system that is immediately delivered to your potential, ideal customer in exchange for their email address.

You want your phenomenal, free offer to be something tangible that your ideal customer can not resist. Something that they won’t even think about giving their email address to you in exchange for receiving this in their inbox. You want this phenomenal offer to be something that’s tied into your business that’s going to lead them into your sales funnel.

Think about what is your expertise and what is something that they are struggling with and you can help them solve the problem with your free offer.

Now, even if you’re selling a product, your free offer could be free shipping, or a coupon code to get a percentage off. If you’re a service provider it could be information about helping that client get ready to hire you.

What’s something that they need help with before they get to the point where they need to hire you.

Let’s say that you’re a website developer, they need to have that copy and everything in place when it comes time to hire you. Maybe your free offer can be a step-by-step in helping them get that all set up so they’re 100% ready when it comes time to hire you.

If you’re not sure what to offer this potential, ideal customer, you can offer them a wide range of things from an ebook to a three-part video series, as I mentioned, a coupon, or maybe some kind of quiz that helps them see what their problem is and how you are the solution.

If you’re still unsure, stay tuned to the end of this post where I have a completely free resource that’s gonna help you sort it all out. See what I did there? It’s as simple as that. Finding something that they have a problem with and solving that problem with your phenomenal, free offer.

This is also known as Pink Spoon Marketing. If you ever visited a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store, you may understand what I’m talking about with the Pink Spoon sampling. If you haven’t, let me bring you up to speed. You could walk into their ice cream shops and you could sample as many different flavors as you wanted to for free with their pink spoon.

This allowed for you to decide what type of flavor you wanted to purchase before you made the purchase. That’s exactly what we are trying to do with your phenomenal, free offer.

We’re trying to help your ideal customer make that decision that they know you are the person that they want to hire to help solve that problem that they are currently facing, whatever it is. Whether you are a health coach, a virtual assistant, a business coach, a wedding photographer, what have you. You get the idea.


3. Add Webforms to Your Website

Next on your list is going to be adding those forms to your website. It’s only gonna do you so much good to have this email marketing system and have this phenomenal free offer.

Once your free offer is in place, we want to add these web forms to your website for people to start getting on your email list. You can go from zero to a hundred subscribers in no time.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you have some type of landing page, squeeze page, or opt-in page. They’re in fact all the same page but you want to make sure that the only thing that that visitor can do on that page is give you their name and email address in exchange for your phenomenal, free offer.

This is really important to list building because you can have this page used for many different things from when you do guest posts to podcast interviews, maybe you have it as a landing page on your Facebook page, or you use it in your Facebook ads. It can come up many different places but the main idea is that it gets your visitor to give you their name and email address and not be distracted by all of the other things on, say, your website.

Next step, you also want to be sure that it’s on your homepage above the fold. You don’t want anybody to have to scroll to find the opt-in form on your website. You want it to be right at the top, easy to find.

From there, you also want to make sure that it’s on your About page and your blog sidebar. In fact, anywhere that that sidebar shows up, you want your opt-in form to be on there.

If you’re considering using a pop-up, I highly recommend that you use it very sparingly. Do not have it pop-up within the first 30 seconds of somebody visiting a page. It’s gonna be a huge distraction and turn off for them.

Now, if they go to leave a page and you wanna prompt them before they exit, those are good but again, use sparingly. I find it to be more user-friendly to retarget somebody in a Facebook ad than to use a pop-up these days.



Now that you have all the bases covered to begin list building, it’s important to market yourself so that you’re attracting people to sign up for this list.

This is not one of those areas that just because you build it, they’re going to come. You have to market yourself.

You have to talk about your thing, get comfortable marketing yourself and your business to reach a new audience, and as you begin to do that and see your list growing, get comfortable with adding content upgrades to your content. This is another great way to help you list build.

As I’m doing today, I have something free at the end of this post that is outside of my normal, main, phenomenal, free offer. And this is a content upgrade to today’s blog post and other vlog posts that I create in the future that talk about similar content. These are great to use to bring in other avenues of lists and to bring people further into interest into what you have to offer them.

Think about what you’re long-term list building strategy is and how all of this is going to come together to help you create a list of potential, ideal customers that are ready to buy from you when you’re ready for them to.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode about getting you started with list building in your business.

If you want to take it a step further and you want to learn more about how to create a phenomenal, free offer that you know your ideal customer wants, then I highly recommend that you get my content upgrade for today’s episode.



Now that you understand where all great list building begins, it’s your turn to build Your Phenomenal FREE Offer that is going to attract your ideal customers into your list.

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