As you know to build a list, you should have a pink spoon, an offer of some sorts that entices your new visitor to give you their name and email address.

But only having one could be hurting your list building.

When I work one on one with entrepreneurs, we work on creating multiple pink spoons that they can offer their audience. Now only does this help build your list but it helps build your relationship with your audience, it gives them something valuable right out of the gates. You should be giving them some of your best content right away, why make them wait to discover how awesome you are. Your pink spoon doesn’t have to be a pdf/ebook if your trying to say, “but Ali, I am not a writer”, be creative in what you offer your audience.

Here are a few additional Pink Spoon ideas that you could use on their own or create a combination:

  • Video or video series
  • Audio recording
  • Autoresponder series
  • Webinar / Workshop
  • Survey / Test
  • Interactive Tutorials

Having multiple Pink Spoons allows you to offer different freebies for different subjects or events. A few exacmples are:

Your Homepage

This is the main spot of where your traffic will be driven to. Having a pink spoon here gives new visitors an inventive for wanting to give you their information.

Custom Link Squeeze Page

This will be used to drive traffic to when you do interviews, guest posts, give-away, speaking gigs and more. This can also be used to post on social media to drive traffic to.

Custom Facebook Landing Page

Creating a Facebook Landing Page allows you to send traffic from Facebook to. Every page you create has a custom URL link that you can send traffic to. Link all your Facebook Icons directly to this page. You want a separate freebie that is different and from from the one on your website.

Believe it or not, creating your own Facebook Landing page is pretty simple thanks to Using a Reveal Page will help you build your Facebook Likes AND build your Email Marketing List.

You have to be strategic when you are building your list and this is a great way to get it started!

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