If you have an online presence, you probably have a web site or blog for telling the world about your products and/or services.  Yet, you can expand your reach in so many ways by also having a Facebook Page along with Custom Facebook pages.

A Facebook allows for a customizable coding that allows for you to customize tabs on your Facebook Business Pages.   It helps businesses, celebrities, and non-profit organizations (to name a few) increase awareness about who they are and what they do.  Custom Facebook Pages allow you to have an “official” online presence with great benefits.

So, what are the major benefits of having a Facebook Page with Customized Pages?

  • SEO.  They are automatically indexed by the search engines (i.e., you don’t have to submit them and hope they are indexed), you increase your visibility and improve your chances of being found during a Google search.
  • Management.  If you have multiple people that need to interact with what you’re doing (and this is quite common now for anyone working with one or more virtual assistants), your landing page can quickly and easily be setup to allow for multiple administrators.  This means a lot less work for you.
  • Traffic.  Your success (or failure) on the Internet is affected by traffic: the more you have, the more likely you are to sell your product or service.  Facebook Landing Pages capture data about your visitors, allowing you to analyze the traffic you’re getting.
  • Unlimited Friends.  Unlike an individual Facebook page where you can only have a certain number of friends (5000), a Facebook Page allows to have an unlimited number of friends- referred to as “fans” or “likers”.  This gives you greater exposure , while also allowing people to subscribe your eZine, Pink Spoon, or to an RSS feed on your blog.
  • Communication.  With this type of page, you can communicate with all your fans via a single message or update. There’s no need to have a list in an autoresponder that you must manage and requires you to working with a complex template.  Facebook handles everything.  In addition, your fans can easily forward your message to their friends/fans or even put the information on their wall.

With all that said, you probably have some concerns about how much control you’ll have over your landing page.  Not to worry because there are more great features you can take advantage of such as the following:

  • There’s a built in application that allows you to add video to your pages.
  • Facebook now has its own programming language (called FBML) so the look and feel of your page can be customized to ensure your fans have the best experience.
  • FBML enables you to create an email web form so that you can capture subscriber data (just as you would on a traditional web page).
  • You can create your own tabs – each with its own URL.
  • The Notes application, you can import your RSS feed to drive more traffic back to your blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions about FBML, Custom Facebook Landing Pages, or just getting started with your basic Facebook Business Page.

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