We often put a lot of thought into how to get people to subscribe to our list. But what about the subscribers who never seem to become engaged with our content? Rather than agonizing over why they unsubscribed, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having unsubscribers.

We all sign up for an assortment of lists for whatever someone is offering.  We know that there are certain lists that we are subscribed to for information and we are never going to buy anything from them.  I don’t know about you, but for me there are a lot of emails that I receive from these lists and I don’t even open the emails.   I am a useless number to their stats.

Why would you want me on your list if I am never opening your emails?  In fact, majority of the time, I delete them as soon as I see them in my Inbox.  There’s no reason to have me on your list.  How can you measure your stats properly if I’m just a deadbeat, not opening your e-mails and deleting as soon as I receive them?


Also, it’s not about who’s list is bigger.  But about who’s list was created and targeted for their potential ideal client signing up.  Yes, if you want to work with your ideal clients, you must have them on your list first.  People rarely purchase the first time they visit your website or after the first email that you send to them.

For me, it’s hard to see those unsubscribe numbers.  But I just have to remind myself that obviously they were not my ideal client.  My ideal clients love reading my posts, they love interacting with me and they love passing my information on.  This is exactly who I want on my list, not those that delete me as soon as they see my name!  Just sayin’…

Here are 4 reasons why you should love your unsubscribers.

  1. They help you stay focused on your target audience.
  2. They keep you from becoming complacent in your content development.
  3. They remind you that not everyone will like your content – and that’s okay!
  4. They’re saving you money – either in the cost of your email marketing software OR in retargeting ads!
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