We all have that one thing that we struggle with in our business. That one challenge that holds us back.

Myself included.

Want to know what I struggle with?

My struggle is implementing all of the new training I have invested in. And I also suck at taking all of my ideas and putting them into new products or webinars or whatev. I have a Geek Bible of ideas and I just keep adding to it. OK, so that was more than one. But you get the idea.

Both of these are holding me back from creating the next level in my business.

Today, I want you to answer one question. Answering this question will help you put it on the table so that we can tackle it together, just like I just did. Because we all want to exceed the “next level” in our businesses.

Most of the client’s I work with want to bring more cash, clients & consistency into their business. Their struggle to create a consistent flow generally goes back to the lack of marketing their business and getting out there.

We will be addressing these struggles in September with the Back 2 Business Challenge. { Which you will automatically be signed up for when you enter your #1 Business Struggle }

Women are 3x’s more likely to fail in business over men. That sucks and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take the first step to facing up to your #1 Business Struggle by entering it below. Don’t worry, this is private, I will not share anything without your permission.

Completing this form is also to help me create content that is on target for your needs. I appreciate your help!

After you submit your #1 Business Struggle, leave a comment below letting us know you are ready to kick some arse with the Back 2 Business Challenge.

Xo, Ali

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